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Welcome to Gears Transmission and Complete Automotive Repair – Your Premier Auto Repair Shop in Ringgold, GA.  Experience top-notch automotive repair at Gears, where quality components come together to ensure reliable performance. Our strategic collaboration with BNB Parts empowers us to maintain a ready inventory of essential parts, expediting your journey back onto the road. Conveniently situated just south of Chattanooga, TN, in the heart of Ringgold, GA, we are your trusted destination for swift and dependable car repair solutions.

Gears Transmission in Ringgold, GA performs transmission repair and transmission rebuilds


Prompt attention to transmission repair is crucial to ensure optimal vehicle performance and safety. Ignoring transmission issues can pose significant hazards. Our comprehensive transmission services encompass vital tasks such as filter replacement and fluid drainage, effectively safeguarding against potential transmission damage. Common signs necessitating transmission repair include shifting problems, slippage, stalling, fluid leakage, and the activation of the service light. Should you suspect the need for transmission repair, we encourage you to promptly schedule an appointment. Our experienced team will diagnose the issue and tailor a suitable solution to meet your specific requirements. Act now for peace of mind and reliable transmission performance.

Gears Transmission performs differential repair and rebuild


Efficiently transferring engine power to the wheels while accommodating varying speeds, differentials play a vital role in your vehicle. When it comes to reliable differential repair, trust the expertise of Gears Transmission, your dedicated differential specialist. Our team possesses the necessary experience and knowledge to thoroughly inspect and service your vehicle's differentials. Committed to delivering high-quality differential services, we exclusively employ top-tier tools and techniques. Additionally, we provide regearing options to cater to your specific needs. Contact Gears Transmission today to schedule a professional differential inspection or repair. Experience our exceptional service firsthand.

Gears Transmission performs transfer case repair and transfer case rebuild


As a critical component of the four-wheel drive system, the transfer case plays a pivotal role in power distribution from the transmission to both front and rear axles. Its function is crucial in ensuring all four wheels receive power, optimizing traction on various terrains, be it pavement or off-road adventures. Nonetheless, transfer cases may encounter malfunctions necessitating expert repair. At Gears Transmission, our seasoned professionals possess extensive experience in transfer case repair, swiftly revitalizing your vehicle's performance. Rely on Gears Transmission for all your transfer case repair requirements and experience unparalleled expertise in action!

BNB Gears Parts and Performance sells quality transmission replacement parts

Gears Transmission is partnered with BNB Parts, an in-house transmission parts store. Parts are available online or in-store. 

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