Collection: BNB Valve Body Components

Looking to take your vehicle's performance to the next level? BNB Parts has the solution with our valve body shift kits and valves. These products are designed to improve the shifting performance of your transmission, and they're backed by the leading names in the business: TransGo, Superior, and Sonnax. Whether you're looking for a smoother shifting experience or reduced transmission fluid temperatures, we've got you covered.

Each shift kit and valve is designed to improve shifting quality and durability, and are backed by years of research and development. So whether you're looking for a mild improvement or a full-on race-ready setup, we've got the perfect solution for you.

shift Kits

Valve Body Correction Kits are engineered to restore hydraulic integrity and performance. Whether you're looking to maintain optimal shifting quality or achieve race-level performance, our shift kits have you covered.

Electrical components

BNB Electrical components are OE replacement parts. Our electrical line includes solenoids, wiring harnesses, sensors, and complete solenoid assemblies. Check out our electrical replacement parts today. 

heavy duty parts

BNB heavy duty parts are upgraded parts that increase the longevity of your performance build. Whether you are looking to increase towing capacity or torque, check out our HD parts collection. 


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